Back to School

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Max had a great day and a fantastic start to his school year. I accompanied Max to school this morning for what they call a split-session. Half of the kids and their parents attend for an hour, and the other half of the kids and their parents attend for a different hour. Split-sessions ease the transition into going to school.

From school we came home and took out the trash and watched Spider-Man. I was glad to sit on my bottom and watch a movie with my favorite little fellow.

Then we went to Granny’s. Grandpa came over to install her new central vacuum unit, a new household electrical outlet, and repair the reverse and brake lights on her car. He did all of that—and it was hot—and he said he wasn’t feeling well and hadn’t eaten all day. I helped him and was soaking wet from perspiration by the time he was done.

Mama came over to Granny’s after school, picked up Max, and took him to a Lego mini-build workshop. She stayed for about two hours and Max gave her a hard time when she was ready to leave. Today was Mama’s late day at school. She leads an instructional meeting after school on Tuesdays and doesn’t get to leave until about 4:30 pm. I wouldn’t have considered taking him anywhere after working a long day, but Mama did.

Neither Mama nor I slept well last night. We had a little fellow trying to root under us for part of the night. We woke Max in the middle of the night to ask him to roll over so Mama would have more room, and he rolled over all right, right under me, making it impossible for me to move without disturbing him.

So we’re looking forward to a better night’s sleep tonight. And since our little buddy has a full school day all on his own tomorrow, we’d better get these lights off soon.