Max’s 5th Birthday

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Today was our precious boy’s fifth birthday. He has been waiting for this day for a very long time. When he got up his morning he was so excited. This morning we played around the house and Max received many birthday calls. This made him very happy.

Max spent the afternoon with Granny while Grandpa and Daddy finished installing Max’s new TV. While at Granny’s Max asked Granny to call Aunt Jean to have her wish him a happy birthday. This surprised Granny. Of course Aunt Jean was happy to wish Maxipoo a happy birthday.

After work I went to Sam’s to pick up Max’s special Titanic cake. I wasn’t pleased with the cake and they were kind and fixed it to my liking. I also picked up an Olive Garden salad and Costco pizza, Max’s favorite.

Tonight we had a pizza party with Mimi, Grandpa, and Granny. Max was so excited. I had the table decorated with Disney’s Planes tableware. Max loved this! All on his own during dinner he thanked us all for coming to his birthday party.

After cake Max was very excited to open his presents. He received a lot of Spider-Man stuff, Hot Wheels vehicles, Batmobiles, Legos, and, of course, a fifty-one-inch television from Mimi and Grandpa. He also received a lot of cards from many people. Max was so thankful for all of his gifts and said he had a great birthday.

And we’re very, very, very thankful for Max. He is the most precious boy on Earth.