Max’s 5th Birthday Party

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This morning we hit the ground running to get ready for Max’s fifth birthday party. Max and I went to get party food and balloons. We had a snafu with the balloons. We lost one from the bunch and then another popped as I was closing the door. Luckily we had a lot of balloons.

We worked until party time putting on the finishing touches. Max was so excited. It was really hard for him to keep it calm. When the partiers started to arrive Max he got even more excited. Max had nine kids join him as well as a lot of adults. His friends included Alex, Rylen, Ethan, Graham, Liam, Max Mitchell, McKenzie, Delaney, and Elliott. Max also had another special guest Spider-Man. The kids really enjoyed him. He played games with the kids, helped with the piñata, and held superhero class.

Daddy and I were very impressed by the way Max greeted and treated his guests today. We are very grateful for his manners and for showing genuine interest in the people who came to celebrate his birthday.

Believe it or not, Max went to Parents’ Night Out at Gymnastix Training Center tonight. We can’t believe that he had enough energy to go, but he did. He told one of his coaches that he had a big party today in Grandpa’s shop. His coach inquired about the kind of shop Grandpa has, and Max’s answer was that it was yellow with windows.

Max is asleep between Daddy and me as I write this. Our little buddy’s sixth year is off to a wonderful start.