Long Day, Mrs Wigley’s Pond, Granny’s, Max’s Preschool’s Open House

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It’s been a good day but a long one. I awoke at 6:50 this morning and sneaked out of bed to chat with Mama for a minute before she left for school. But as soon as she wheeled out of our garage, our little buddy came downstairs. I should’ve insisted that we go back to bed to sleep, but instead I gave him his morning bottle of PediaSure and let him watch something on our media player.

He and I went to Mrs Wigley’s pond to skip a few rocks. I haven’t done that in at least thirty years and it’s more difficult than I remember. Max didn’t have much success, but maybe we can get more practice when cooler weather settles in. He and I were both soaked from perspiration as we walked back to the van from the pond.

Then we went to Granny’s. Granny treated me to Japanese for lunch. If it hadn’t been so hot, I would have really enjoyed it. I gave up trying to cool off at Granny’s and came home for a shower while Max stayed with Granny.

I returned to Granny’s shortly before 4:00 pm and Mama soon joined us. Max stayed with Granny this evening while Mama and I attended his preschool’s open house. We met his new teachers, one of whom he enjoyed last year, Mrs Sheree. His new teacher is Mrs Cyndy. There are sixteen kids in his class and he won’t be the only Max. He’s “Max D” this year because there’s also “Max T.”

I’m leaving out a lot of other details from the day because I’m running behind in shutting down the house.