Mama’s Doing Better, Max Enjoys Spring Fling

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Another busy day is behind us. It’s been a pretty good one. Mama wasn’t able to be seen by her surgeon’s office at a time when she could be there, but due to the injection and oral antibiotics she received yesterday, she’s doing better. She’ll see someone from her surgeon’s office on Monday. He or she will take a look at the infection in and around Mama’s incision from thyroid surgery.

Grandpa put new brake pads and a new brake rotor on Mama’s car this morning. Once he took her car off his garage lift, I used his air compressor and a detailing tool to blast away carpet stains from Mama’s car. Then I filled her tank with gas, topped off the tank with a bottle of fuel treatment, and cleaned her windshield. I reckon she received full service this morning.

Max and I went to Granny’s early this afternoon. He threw a tantrum and lost his iPad for the rest of the day, but, like yesterday, his foul mood didn’t last long. We tried to fly his new kite at Granny’s but there wasn’t enough wind. The little fellow was sorely disappointed over his kite’s not flying, so I hope we’re able to get it aloft in the next few days.

Mama took Max to her school’s Spring Fling this afternoon. Mimi and Grandpa went, too, mostly to help supervise Max. Mama and Max ran a booth at the event for about an hour, and in exchange for his service, Max got to ride or use any of the attractions at the event without charge. He had a lot of fun. Grandpa said he’d never seen a boy run constantly like Max did. One of Mama’s students took Max under his wing and gave him the VIP treatment.

Max was interested in a martial arts demonstration in which boards were broken. He got to try it and somehow was successful in breaking a board. I can’t get my head around that one because the little fellow is only four-and-a-half years old.

Grandpa took Max to Wendy’s for dinner while Mimi and Mama went in a different direction. Max was asleep when Grandpa brought him home. He perked up very shortly, though, and is going pretty strong as I write this. He and Mama are upstairs watching a Thomas & Friends video.

Mama says our goal for tomorrow is to take it easy. That sounds like a good plan to me.