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We all had a pretty good Christmas. Max had a great time all day. Santa gave him a bunch of Thomas & Friends engines, two Thomas sets, a Chuggington train set, an HO steam locomotive, a super-cool Cars bicycle, and a few other things.

Granny was here for about an hour this morning before I knew she was here. She was knocking quietly and I mistook her knocking for a woodpecker.

Mimi and Grandpa came over to see Max come down the steps and behold the bounty Santa left for him. I think he was overwhelmed. He certainly enjoyed his stuff.

We all had lunch together. We enjoyed Mimi and Grandpa’s turkey and dressing, Granny’s sweet potato soufflé, mac and cheese, red velvet cake, and more. Then we went to Mimi and Grandpa’s to open presents there, too. Grandpa was glad to get home so he could take a nap, and as he napped on his sofa, Max watched Caillou. For part of the time Max watched TV from Mimi and Grandpa’s large coffee table/ottoman, and for the rest of the time he watched as he lay back on me. Precious.

Max had fun playing with all of his new trains today—except for his HO stuff. The only working track we have is at Granny’s. Maybe we can get over to Granny’s tomorrow to see how his new steam locomotive fares on his railroad.

Granny went home early this evening so she could beat darkness and the wind, and later Mimi joined us for dinner. Grandpa stayed home so he could rest. He and Mimi served more than sixty people this weekend, and Mimi did it while sick.

Tomorrow is Mimi’s sixty-fourth birthday. I bet she wants a nice, quiet, relaxing day more than anything.

And that’s why we plan to let Max ring her doorbell at 5:30 am, saying, “Happy birthday! Let’s par-tay!”.