Cherokee & Bryson City, Day 3

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We all slept in this morning. When we got up we had breakfast and then got ready to go to Bryson City to ride The Polar Express. We spent the afternoon checking out the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad’s train museum and neighboring areas. We had a great pizza on the deck of a restaurant our bellman suggested. And, boy, was he right—they had great pizza. After lunch Max enjoyed playing on a real caboose on display in the middle of town.

Next was the event we’d all been waiting for, our ride on The Polar Express. Right before boarding the train Max got his picture taken with the big man himself, Santa. Max was so cute and had to go back to tell Santa about a bike he wants. Once on The Polar Express things didn’t go as planned. Our lil’ buddy was tired and overwhelmed. He had great trouble sitting in his seat, but he loved singing and visiting with Santa on board. They had some really cute touches like punching the golden ticket and serving hot chocolate and cookies. The Polar Express took us to the North Pole and that’s where Santa boarded the train. Santa gave every child a beautiful silver bell. Max had a hard time keeping his in his hand. It kept falling on the floor. Once we got off the train, Max said he had a great time. Jaddie and I looked at each other and couldn’t believe our ears. We thought it was stressful due to his behavior.

Not long after getting to the van our lil’ Polar Express passenger was fast asleep. We were glad to get a little silence in our night!

We’re so glad to be home. It’s fun to travel, but it’s always great to come back home.

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