Visiting Zoo Atlanta for “Boo at the Zoo”

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We enjoyed a fun day today at Zoo Atlanta. Today was Boo at the Zoo. Grandpa was super-sweet and got us free tickets. We had a great time. Max looked so cute in his shark costume. While at the zoo we didn’t get to see too many animals. We saw elephants, monkeys, kangaroos, and lots of scary snakes. They had candy stations throughout the zoo. Max loved that! They also had a lot of characters for great picture opportunities. We got to see Curious George, Martha from Martha Speaks, a panda, and a Halloween kangaroo.

We also got to ride the train for a Halloween ride. Max played a lot of fun games and won cool prizes. They had jumpies and a couple of neat playgrounds, and Max enjoyed them all. We also rode the carousel at the zoo. When we left we had a bucket full of treats. We all had a lot of fun and were really tired when we left.

Max fell asleep on the way home. He continued his nap once we got home, and I joined him. When he got up he was recharged and ready to play.

After the UGA football game, I’m going to join Max and Daddy upstairs for a much-needed rest.