Tired But Well

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I don’t believe we use the adjective great to describe Max’s day, but he’s been shiny and bright more than he’s been otherwise. He spent the night with Mimi and Grandpa last night, I bet he didn’t go to sleep until really late—and that’s after not having a nap for two consecutive days.

Max and Grandpa had breakfast at Bojangles this morning, and then Grandpa carried Max to Granny’s. I was running late on an early-morning errand and wasn’t home. I picked up my little buddy at Granny’s, where he’d been hyper and obstinate and was serving a timeout when I arrived.

My plan was to take Max to the train store and return to Granny’s to work on Max’s model railroad, but by the time we left Granny’s, I could see that Max wouldn’t last long enough to return to Granny’s. We picked up a truss bridge and a couple of piers at the train store, Max played with the wooden railway tables, and he powered on a G-scale locomotive, which had a built-in smoke unit. The floor salesman and I had to locate the chuffing engine and figure out how to turn it off.

Max had his heart set on seeing a real train, which is common when we visit the train store. The store is located just a hundred feet or so from a Norfolk Southern mainline. But nary a train chuffed down the tracks while we were there.

When we got home Max said he was hungry, so I prepared a nutritious lunch for my best good buddy consisting of three flavors of Cheez-Its, one flavor of Goldfish crackers, and some Ritz crackers. Because I wouldn’t give Max his PediaSure with a nipple on the bottle, he wouldn’t drink any. I felt a little drained from enforcing the new rule that deprecates using nipples and succumbed to Max’s lobby to have me nap with him. After about an hour of napping with my buddy, I sneaked out of the room and went downstairs. It wasn’t long before Mama was home and we heard Max’s feet hit the floor. He was still tired. I did him a disservice by agreeing to nap with him. He’d slept much better if he’d been in his own bed, which is a crib inside our bedroom. He still sleeps with us every night he’s home—and will continue to do so forever if I have anything to do with it.

After his nap he and Mama went to Mama’s school for Patriot’s Night, where he got to play with lots of kids, jump inflatables, listen to a band, see a firetruck up close, and eat a snow cone.

It was too hot to stay at Patriot’s Night for the rest of the evening, so they went to Mimi and Grandpa’s, and from there the four of them went to the mall to walk around.

The three of us are in bed right now and Max is pleading with me to turn out the lights. Will do.