Max’s 4th Birthday Party

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Max has had a great day! Today we had his pirate birthday. We’ve been busy getting ready for it most of the day. Max and Daddy did squeeze in some time to go to the train store. Max earned HO Bill, a Thomas & Friends character, for filling his potty chart. While at the train store Daddy secretly picked up a few other things for Max’s birthday.

Grandpa, Mimi, Granny, and I have running around getting everything ready for the party, which was began at 4:00 pm. Granny and I went to get Max’s pirate cake that we’re sure weighed more than Max. Poor Granny had to hold the cake all the way home from Sugar Hill.

Max was so excited and had a hard time containing himself. His excitement kept him from napping today.

Max’s party turned out great! He enjoyed quite a crowd. Aunt Mary and Cousin Bridget came up from South Georgia. Max had friends Hannah and Trinity come from last year’s preschool class. He also had Delaney, Bella, Rilee, Lilianna, Danielle, Cooper, Annie, and Erin Marie. Max had so much fun playing with all his guests, including the pirate.

We’re all tired and ready for a good night’s rest.