Big Day, Sand Boat at Mimi & Grandpa’s

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It was so late last night when we finally went to sleep. I think Baybay was still flipping around in the bed at midnight. We had to get stern with him to get him to settle down. I figured I’d have to wake him this morning with just enough time to get him dressed before school, but I was wrong. I got out of bed at 7:00, and the little fellow put his feet on the floor around 7:20. When he detects that I’m not in bed with him, he figures our bed might as well be on fire.

So I gave him a bottle of chocolate milk and we headed upstairs to watch Thomas & Friends and Caillou. He was so tired but stayed awake to watch his two favorite shows. I got him dressed for school and away we went. On our way to school he said he wanted to play miniature golf today. I told him that we might go play on Friday and he objected vociferously.

But after school today we didn’t go to Granny’s or to play miniature golf. We went to check on our furniture that had been repaired. Luckily La-Z-Boy has a warehouse and repair center less than two miles from our home. After Baybay and I verified that our sofa and chair-and-a-half were in good working order, we headed up to the front desk to pay for the repairs. That’s when Grandpa walked in and Max greeted him with a hearty “Grandpa!”

Max and I rushed off to Walmart while our furniture was loaded into Grandpa’s truck. We had to get dipes, wipes, and goo (PediaSure). I quickly grabbed a bunch of goo, the biggest box of dipes, and the biggest box of wipes I could find and flew to the checkout counter. I was shocked to see we had over US$100 worth of stuff. We hadn’t been in Walmart for three minutes. Baybay can be quite an expensive little booger.

When we got home Grandpa was waiting for us. He and I unloaded our furniture and then Max went into the yard to build a sandcastle. He kept asking me, “Do you want to play with me?” I said I did and the perspiration dripped. I loosened some dirt so he could shovel it into a big mound that he called a castle.

We both got showers and watched more Caillou until I put the little fellow down for his nap around 4:25 pm.

Mama woke our little prince around 7:00 pm so he could go to Mimi and Grandpa’s and see their wonderful surprise for him: a large wooden sand boat. It’s set up in their backyard and two of the neighborhood kids were waiting for him to come and play. Oh, he loved that box! Grandpa wasn’t there to see Max see it for the first time, but when Grandpa arrived, Max made a big deal of Grandpa to the two girls. He said, “That’s my grandpa. That’s my grandpa. He works in South Georgia. He builds houses.” (Actually, Grandpa is retired but is just as busy now as he was in his heyday, and he’s been remodeling a house for him and Mimi in South Georgia, which is where he and Mimi grew up.)

Mama and I left Max in his new box playing with his two new friends, Lindsey and Hannah. I took some pictures but only goodness knows when I’ll ever get to post them here.

I believe Max is going to spend the night with Mimi and Grandpa tonight. The little fellow isn’t keen on sleeping away from home without his mommy and daddy, but we made Mimi and Grandpa promise to bring him home if he wanted to come home. Shoot, Mama and I haven’t slept without the little fellow’s being between us in about three weeks, and we’re already missing him. Our bed isn’t quite as cozy without our little buddy to snuggle with.