Partying at School & in His Sandbox

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Max had enjoyed a full day of play. I picked him up at Mimi and Grandpa’s this morning and took him to school, and I returned shortly thereafter for the little fellow’s end-of-the-year party. This year’s party was a big one. It looked more like a small carnival than preschool party.

Baybay had big fun doing most everything available, especially the inflatable jumper. He bumped into his beloved Hannah a few times and had to serve two timeouts for doing so. Poor Miss Hannah tolerated Max’s roughhousing more than she should have.

When Baybay and I left the party, he wanted to go to Mimi and Grandpa’s to play in his new sand boat. It was Mimi and Grandpa who played with him today. He didn’t get to play with any kids today, so I guess it was Mimi and Grandpa who played with him. Mimi said the little fellow played by himself for a long time, which is a first.

Mama brought our tired little buddy home for his nap, and when he awoke, he got to wish our friend and neighbor Teresa a happy birthday. Teresa and her son Eric came over for senior portraits. Mama remembers when Eric was in second grade at my alma mater, nearby Harmony Elementary. She was a teacher at the time, so now I feel really old to be making Eric’s senior pictures.

Teresa took Max back to Mimi and Grandpa’s while we photographed Eric, and Mama went back to get him after our shoot. They’ve just finished getting their baths and Mama’s reading to her favorite little fellow.

I’m about to head upstairs to join them.