Lots of Fun at the Pool

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We all got up around 8:30 this morning. Max and I watched Caillou before heading downstairs. Max played by himself for a while this morning, which was a welcome surprise, but it wasn’t long before he talked Daddy into playing HO trains with him.

Max and I took it easy for most of the morning, and Daddy polished our van. When he was done we all headed out for a fun afternoon at the pool. Today was the first day the pool opened for the summer. We went to the Collins Hill Aquatic Center. They have a great outdoor pool. It has slides, tunnels, and a lazy river. Max had a lot of other kids to play with, which was nice. When we left we were all hungry. Max asked to go to Granny’s, but Daddy and I were eager to get home.

Max I enjoyed a nap together this afternoon. I could’ve slept longer, but Max got me up. When we came downstairs we all had popsicles.

As I write this the fellows are upstairs and I’m about to join them for the night.