Day Out with Thomas

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Baybay had a good time this weekend but was a royal pain in the butt for Mama and me. Our little buddy was obstinate, irritable, contrary, and demanding. I believe he was over-stimulated and tired, and I don’t know how those variables can be improved for our upcoming Disney vacation.

Max seemed like he enjoyed what we were doing, but he was wound up so tightly and was difficult to contain. Instead of exhibiting affection and warmth, he was aggressive and selfish.

And there were a bazillion more just like that at Day Out with Thomas. Kids were lying down on the asphalt—kicking, crying, and screaming—while parents threatened going to their cars, leaving, and spankings.

I don’t even want to analyze why my little buddy behaved the way he did this weekend. I’m just glad its over.

If our Disney vacation is as intensely negative as this weekend’s overnight trip to Chattanooga, Mama and I won’t make it back.

On a positive note, Max recognized his name in a TitleMax sign on our way home and pointed it out to us.

To a better tomorrow…

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