Celebrating Max’s Birthday at School, Losing Trains, Getting Spanked by Granny

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Max awoke at 7:40 this morning and he and Daddy watched Caillou. Today Max’s class celebrated his birthday since they won’t be in school on his birthday on August 20. He was super-excited about carrying his Thomas cake to school for his classmates. Daddy went back to school at 11:10 to take pictures of the party and then hung out at school until it let out. When Daddy came into Max’s classroom, Max beamed as if he saw the Second Coming. After greeting Daddy he told the class that Daddy was his daddy. Then one of Max’s classmates referred to Jaddie as Daddy and Max quickly corrected his peer with, “No, that’s my daddy!” He kept hugging Daddy and asking Daddy to take pictures of him.

But when they left school things went south. Max lost his trains for today and tomorrow. He jumped in puddles after being told not to and lost trains today. Then he scratched Daddy and lost train privileges for tomorrow.

After school Max went to Granny’s for the afternoon. Daddy has a cold, so he came home to rest. Max was too rough with Granny and hit her across her nose and eye with a vacuum cleaner attachment. Granny spanked him and after that his behavior improved. I picked up Max for Granny’s right after school, and I’m sure he was glad. We really talked to him about his behavior while at Granny’s. He called Granny tonight to apologize to her.

Tonight Max has been mostly good but a little wild at times. We’re all about to go to bed, and we hope tomorrow will be a better day.