Breakfast with Grandpa, Visiting Mama’s Classroom, Staying with Granny, Tuckered Out

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Today was more than Mr Baybay Man could handle. By the time Mama brought him home, he was asleep in his car seat and I took him straight to bed, which is where he still is as I write this.

He and Grandpa went to Bojangles for breakfast and after stopping by Walmart Grandpa brought him home. The little fellow played for a while and then said he was hungry and wanted some Cheez-Its. He sat in his highchair and watched Cars on his iPad.

I showed him a picture of a special treat Mama’s student Jayce brought for Max. It was a Toby (a Thomas & Friends character) Pez candy dispenser. Mama sent the picture to me in a text message. Max said he wanted to go to Mama’s school to get it, so I sent Mama a text to ask her if we could. She invited us to meet her students and we went to her school around noon.

Mama’s students loved ol’ Maxipoo. They overwhelmed him but he adjusted to it much better than he did last year. He was the star of the show and that seemed to suit him just fine. He once told Mama, “Be quiet now!” in front of her students. I bet they wondered why they can’t get away with stuff like that. Of course I took lots of pictures and will share those here in the next millennium.

From Mama’s school we went to Granny’s, where Mimi and Grandpa met me to help them load a refrigerator and furniture they had stored at Granny’s and are taking to South Georgia with them tomorrow. Grandpa and I were straining with the furniture and Max, from his Cozy Coupe, asked if he could help us. And when we first arrived at Granny’s, Max had to pick her a flower and present it to her as a surprise. Oh, bless his little heart.

He ran Granny pretty hard while Grandpa and I loaded stuff into his truck and trailer, and he was tired and cranky later in the afternoon but demanded to stay with Granny. Mama picked him up around 4:35 this afternoon, and I bet Granny was glad to be able to sit down and rest. She cleaned up two dirty diapers herself and I fielded one. I left Granny’s around 3:30 to come home and get a shower.

Mama and Max went to Walmart and then met Mimi and Grandpa for dinner. A strong afternoon thunderstorm set in and Mimi and Grandpa had to dart from dinner to home to cover the home furnishings they’re carrying to South Georgia.

Max was asleep when he and Mama arrived, and Mama and I are about to scoop him up and put him in bed with us.

Gee, when I first began writing today’s entry it was sounding like a woe-is-me piece in my head, but now that I’ve recounted the day’s events, I reckon it was a pretty good day for all of us.