Much Better Day, Reading Night at Mama’s School

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Today was the opposite of yesterday. While yesterday was brutal, today’s been smooth sailing. Baybay’s attitude made a 180° from yesterday. Today he was cheerful, positive, and cooperative.

He spent the night with Grandpa last night, and they discussed what Baybay wanted to be when he grows up. Baybay told me about this when he got into the van this morning to go to school. He wants to be a “wocket sens” (rocket scientist). After he finished telling me about his future occupation, he said he wanted to go see Mrs Eileen, Mrs Sarah, Parker, Andrew, Noah, and Hannah. He said he wanted to chase Hannah and Parker on the playground.

As we drove up his school’s driveway, he said, “Mommy’s at school. She’s a teacher. She’s teaching. Daddy, you [are]not a teacher. You [are] Daddy. Max [is]not a teacher. I’m Maximillian Jaddie Dodd, superhero Hannah and Parker.” I don’t understand that last part completely, but I get that part of his identity is being a superhero.

I had to go to work after I dropped off my little superhero. Thankfully, I didn’t run into any snags and made it back on time to pick him up. He was in a chipper mood even though he’d left his lollipop in the school. He’d chosen a lollipop from his class’s treasure box. I told him we’d get him one at home, and he seemed consoled. Of course, he didn’t forget it and asked for his lollipop as soon as we made it upstairs from our basement garage. I gave him one and he was happy.

We had lunch, played with Max’s trains for a short while, and then went upstairs to settle down for his nap. We watched part of The Polar Express, and then I put him into his crib. I told him that he had to get a good nap so he could go to school with Mama this evening. He was happy about that, and didn’t protest too much about taking his nap.

Tonight was Reading Night at Mama’s school. Max and Mama went to school in their pajamas and read books and enjoyed hot chocolate. There were a lot of other teachers and their children there for Max to see and interact with. The second part of Reading Night involved Mama’s giving a presentation, and she let Max stay with another teacher in the school while she presented. There was a train table in the room where Max stayed, so he had a great time.

Baybay came home in a great mood and immediately resumed playing at his own train table. He didn’t want to stop playing to have dinner, but after a moment he complied with our wishes and joined us in the kitchen for dinner.

After a couple of bites of a banana and a bite or two of his grilled cheese, he returned to his train table until he had to go upstairs with Mama to get their baths.

They’re finishing their baths as I write this, and Mama and I are looking forward to snuggling up with our favorite little superhero in a few minutes.