Zoo Atlanta

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Becky asked me last night if we should visit Zoo Atlanta today. We’ve enjoyed unseasonably cool weather for the past two days, and we were putting off going to the zoo until milder weather arrived in the fall, so I said we should go. Because we didn’t know what the weather was going to be today, we didn’t tell Max about our plans last night. When we told him this morning, he got excited. He said he was going to see a “moo-moo cow.”

Mama and Max went to Granny’s this morning so he could stay with her while Mama went to get us a picnic lunch. When they got home we packed up and headed to the zoo. Traffic was light and we made it from our home near the Mall of Georgia in Buford to the zoo in about forty minutes. Baybay watched his iPad all the way down there.

We had a fantastic time today. Max was very well-behaved all day and interested in the animals. I took over 270 pictures, and Max never even got into his stroller. We used his stroller to schlep around our camera equipment, picnic lunch, and other provisions.

The three things Max enjoyed the most were running around the exhibits, playing on the playground, and riding the train. We saw all sorts of animals, and Baybay didn’t seem to favor one over another. He never mentioned not seeing a “moo-moo cow.”

I’d better knock on wood as I say this, but Max is getting easier to take to places like parks and malls. He’s maturing and Mama and I don’t back down once we make a decision. He’s not hitting and scratching at us nearly as much as he used to, either. This is a big improvement for enjoying a day out with the little fellow.

When it came time to leave our little buddy didn’t want to go. He wanted to stay and play on the playground. We’d been there for about four hours, and Mama and I were ready to get off of our feet. I picked up the little fellow as he cried, and I felt pretty selfish for leaving, but Max stopped crying within a couple of minutes. Once we put him into his car seat and gave him a bottle of PediaSure, he fell asleep. He woke up when we got home and asked to play trains. I told him he could play trains after his nap, and then he asked to watch Barney. I didn’t answer that request, but once I got his diaper changed, Mama gave him some more PediaSure, let him drink it, and then put him into his crib. He didn’t raise any objections about going back to sleep.

We made it home around 3:30 this afternoon and Baybay was in is crib by 3:45. As I write this, he’s still asleep. He’ll probably wake up when we commence our bedtime routine, but I bet he’ll be ready to go back to bed before long. We walked the entire zoo, and Baybay did a lot of extra walking, climbing, running, and sliding. He’s zonked out.