VIsiting My School, Train Store, Granny

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Max slept until 8:05 this morning, and when he got up he and Daddy watched Barney’s Let’s Go to the Farm. After that it was time for some train action. Max enjoyed all of his five tracks set up in our family and living rooms.

Max and Daddy went to Trainz, our local train store. Max promised before going in that he wouldn’t touch any of the model trains, but bless his heart, he couldn’t keep his promise. I guess that could be blamed on the fact that they had so many cool things he couldn’t resist. Luckily, he didn’t break anything.

After leaving the train store, Max and Daddy went to Granny’s for a visit. At Granny’s they played ball and Max enjoyed some ice cream. Then Max and Daddy came to my school to meet my boys and girls. He was so sweet with my students. He greeted each one as I introduced them, and most of them lil’ fellow. They were super-sweet to him. At the end they crowded him and scared him a little. He looked at Daddy and wanted him to pick him up. Lil’ fellow was ready to go when he got scared. When they left they stopped by the creek in our front lobby for a picture.

When Max and Daddy got home it was Max’s naptime. The lil’ fellow must’ve been tired because he slept for a little more than five hours. While Max was sleeping I went out with my grade level for an end-of-the-year celebration. We went to Chili’s and Buford Variety Theater, which is a comedy club. When I got home our power was out due to bad weather. Max told Daddy he was scared when the lights went out.

We plan to let Maxipoo sleep with us tonight, though last night we had to give him the boot. He tossed, turned, and kicked all over our bed and made it impossible for us to go to sleep. He whimpered and called “Daddy” when Daddy put him into his crib. Daddy said it was hard to sleep after that because it tugged on his heart.