Big Fun at Caboose Days

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Max slept with us last night. He spent half the night under Daddy and the other half under me. We got to sleep until 8:30 this morning, and we were very grateful for that. When we got up we headed to Granny’s for breakfast. While at Granny’s we noticed two very cool things. First, Thomas and Friends is coming to Gwinnett Arena on May 22. Next, we noticed that the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth was having Caboose Days this weekend. We decided on the spot that we’d participate in both of these exciting events. When I showed Max the Thomas and Friends ad he wanted to hold the paper straight away. Our lil’ fellow loves Thomas!

When we got home Daddy headed straight to the computer to buy our tickets to May’s event. We were so excited to get VIP tickets and can’t wait until we get to go!

After dressing Max in his Thomas shirt we got packed up to go the Southeastern Railway Museum. All Max kept saying was “Ride engine.” The event was so cool. We got to tour a lot of neat engines, railcars, passenger coaches, and cabooses. Daddy took many pictures today of Max aboard the trains we toured. Max was so cute, saying, “Cheeeese!” whenever he knew he was getting his picture taken. He may have said it over two hundred times without complaint. He loved riding the train and was very well-behaved. He walked a lot and even climbed “big” steps to climb aboard the engines. Another highlight was ringing a train bell. He thought that was cool. It made him think of one of his favorite engines, Toby.

Jaddie was excited about getting to tour the Southern Crescent, a train he’d read about in Lewis Grizzard’s books and newspaper columns.

Max was very well-behaved for our trip until the very end. We were checking out the model trains and Max, of course, wanted to touch them. They weren’t the touching kind and that didn’t sit well with our lil’ conductor! It also didn’t help that it was way past his naptime. He threw a tantrum but recovered shortly after we began our journey home. This is the first time we’ve seen such a tantrum from our lil’ buddy in more than ten days.

After getting home Max and I enjoyed a nice nap together. When we got up we looked at all 243 of our pictures from today. When Max saw his pictures he began talking about all that he had seen there. He would say, “Green engine,” “Black engine,” etc. We were glad we got to go today. We know Maxipoo had a really fun time. It’s so much fun to see him have a good time.

Max is hanging his hat with Mimi and Grandpa tonight. When we left he was rolling his trains on the “good track,” the one Grandpa built for him on their deck. Mimi painted railroad tracks on the good track today, and Max thought they were cool.