A Fantastic Christmas

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We’ve enjoyed a fantastic Christmas today. Max had so much fun and the rest of us had a wonderful time with him.

Grandpa phoned about 8:00 this morning and we were still in bed. The call didn’t wake Max, but my coughing did. We gave our little buddy a fresh dipe and a bottle of juice and piled back in bed with him to watch Barney. Max stayed in bed with Becky while I put some stuff under the tree for Becky and took some pictures of what Santa left for Max. Grandpa came over to check on the little fellow, and Mimi stayed behind because she wasn’t feeling well. Granny came over to watch the little fellow open his gifts.

When he and Becky came downstairs he ran straight to the nifty car ramp set that Santa left for him. He stayed with it, too, hardly noticing the other gifts Santa brought him. Becky finally got his attention, and he opened a bunch of new Thomas & Friends trains. The trains weren’t designed to work with his new ramp set, but he made ’em work. Toby is easily the train Max has spoken of most today. I don’t know if he likes Toby better than Thomas, but Toby was the star of today.

Grandpa went home after a few minutes of watching Max, but he returned with Mimi for lunch and to open presents. Max had lots of fun opening his presents. Becky and I gave him more trains from Thomas & Friends and eight characters from the movie Cars. Some of his trains are bath toys, so that should make bathtime even more fun. Mimi and Grandpa gave him a SpongeBob ball and a harmonica, which he played for us and even danced while he played. We were astounded. We ought to be tarred and feathered for not already having this on video. We’ll try to get his act on video tomorrow. It’s something to see; Max really hams it up.

By the time we got Max settled down for his nap, it was nearly 3:00 pm. A little while into his nap, a light snow began falling and accumulating on our deck, trees, and yard. More snow is forecast for tonight and tomorrow, so maybe our little buddy will get to play in it tomorrow.

Becky went in our bedroom and got Max up at 7:10 this evening. He was in a great mood and all he could talk about during his diaper change and his descent down the stairs was Toby. Becky had all of his trains and cars on display for him, and he took right to them. He may have played an hour before he ate dinner. He was enjoying playing with his new toys very much, and we thought we’d be asking for a fight if we forced him to stop playing to have dinner.

The little fellow had one meltdown today. It was this evening when he was playing roughly with Toby. Becky told him to be gentler or Toby would have to go to timeout. Max had to test Becky’s resolve and Toby went straight to timeout. Max cried and threw some of his toys. He would’ve thrown them all if Becky hadn’t cleared them from his reach. So then Max went to timeout for about thirty seconds. When he came out he was a new little boy. He got Toby back and resumed play as if nothing had happened. Timeout resets Max’s clock.

Becky took the little fellow upstairs for his bath, and he carried a bunch of trains with him, though not Toby. Becky said he didn’t enjoy his bath because he didn’t have Toby. After bathtime Becky summoned me for milk and Toby, and those two items made Max as happy as a clam. While he drank his milk and played with Toby, Becky read him several bedtime stories. Toby even had to get his teeth brush tonight, like Max. Then the little fellow wished me “night-night” from the top of our stairs and went to bed.

A couple of new things Max is saying are “the end goose” and “thank you.” The first phrase refers to Becky’s calling him a silly goose when he says “the end” before the end of a story. She’s says, “It’s not the end, you silly goose,” and he’s combined those phrases to “the end goose.” Something he said for the first time today was “Catch, Mommy” when tossing his trains to Becky. And he’s now saying the word okay with the clarity of an adult. We see new intellectual developments in our little buddy on an almost daily basis. And what a thrill it is!

So we’ve had tremendous fun today and are very thankful for our many blessings, the most splendid of which is Max.